72 Hour Emergency Food Supply Kits

Emergencies can occur at any time. Many Americans remain concerned about the Zika virus, which has now been detected in the country, and flu outbreaks occur every year. The country hasn't sustained a major terrorist attack in over a decade, yet other countries appear to be struck regularly, and one can never predict what nature will bring from season to season. For this reason, every person needs, at a minimum, a 72-hour emergency supply kit to be used during a crisis situation of this type. Augason Farms offers a variety of kits and individual items to put together a kit, thus everyone can be ready when a crisis does arise.

Understanding Which Emergency Food Kit To Purchase

Experts recommend every individual have at least a three-day supply of food and water for use during an emergency crisis. Other items should be included in the emergency kit, yet humans must have food and water to survive and use with these other items. The kit selected depends on numerous personal factors. Some choose their kits based on what their religious leaders recommend, yet others choose the kits based on family size and the amount of storage available for the kits. When possible, each person should have enough food and water for at least several days or weeks although a one-year kit continues to be the preferred choice of many.

Supplying A 72-Hour Emergency Food Kit

One concern of many when creating an emergency kit is the expense involved. This should never deter anyone from establishing a kit of this type. Augason Farms offers complete kits or individual items, allowing each person to create the kit as their budget allows. One option is to get a group of individuals or families together to purchase a kit for longer emergencies. The 72-hour four-person emergency food supply kit we offer is perfect for four individuals who want to buy a kit together and divide the items accordingly. The single emergency kit offered includes additional items needed during an emergency, along with enough food for 72 hours for one person, thus be sure to compare all options when making a purchase.

Caloric Intake

One thing to consider when supplying an emergency food kit is caloric requirements. In many emergencies, such as a home fire or earthquake, a person may either stay in their own home or head to the home of a friend or family member temporarily, thus they have access to plenty of food and caloric intake isn't as much of an issue. The 72-hour emergency food supply kit is usually only needed when a person has to evacuate the area and will need supplies until they get to a new location that is safe. 

When putting together a kit, the person needs to take into account the caloric requirements of each family member. Certain companies offer prepackaged kits, yet the calories in each kit aren't enough for the average person. This isn't the case when a consumer chooses to buy from Augason Farms. Every item sold by our company clearly lists the calories, allowing consumers to purchase foods they now will sustain them during a difficult time.

For example, the 72-hour 1-person emergency kit provides over 2,500 calories per day. It is packaged in a four-gallon pail with a handle for easy carrying. In addition, it comes with a shelf life of up to 20 years if unopened, although the actual time frame depends on the storage conditions. A person only needs about 1-1/2 gallons of water to rehydrate the food and they are ready to go.

Buying For Children

Children tend to be picky eaters. Many go through phases where they won't eat anything other than one or two foods. This may be chicken nuggets, eggs, toast, or something completely different. Although they will eat when they become hungry enough, even if they don't like the food, this is one battle parents don't need on their hands during a crisis situation. Thankfully, Augason Farms understands this and provides only those foods that are delicious. Although children may fight to get their favorite foods at first, once they must try a meal from the emergency kit, getting them to eat won't be as hard when the next meal comes around. Parents find this to be of great help during a crisis, thus they turn to us for their emergency food supply kit needs.

Replenishing A Food Supply Kit

If you're adding your own items to the kit, update the kit every six months, ensuring all foods purchased and placed in the kit remain fresh and edible. Learn the difference between best-by date and life-sustaining date to ensure food will provide the required nutrition during a crisis. When checking the kit, make certain all packages remain sealed to be sure the foods are still of high quality and no invaders have made their way into the package. This isn't an issue with Augason Farms foods, our 72 hour kits have a 20 year shelf life, thanks to the packaging methods used, yet other foods included in the kit may be a problem, thus this step should never be overlooked.

Why Augason Farms?

Individuals turn to Augason Farms to obtain great tasting food with a long shelf life. They know they can purchase items to complete their emergency food supply plan or buy everything they require for this purpose right here. All items are of the highest quality and provide the nutrition humans need to sustain them through a short-term emergency situation for up to 72 hours. There's no sacrifice when doing so either, as the food is delicious and exactly what people love to eat.

Check out the many offerings of Augason Farms today. Individuals who do so find they have a wide range of items to select from, including food supply kits, dairy and meat items, gluten-free products, bakery goods, and fruits and vegetables. No one must do without simply because there is a crisis situation. With our help, great food will be available at all times, easing the stress associated with an emergency of this type. Visit us today to lessen the burden of preparing for an emergency. You have enough to worry about without this becoming a chore, and we strive to make the process of stocking an emergency food supply easy. That's why people consider us to be their food storage emergency preparedness center.

72 Hour 1-Person Emergency Food Supply Kit

72 Hour 1-Person Emergency Food Supply Kit

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